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Loving Paws Inc. is our non-profit organization. Our vision is to help keep unhoused pets and their pet parents united by providing pet grooming services, pet food, pet bedding, and pet supplies to individuals and families experiencing homelessness.  Please hit the link below to DONATE.

Let Us! Pamper your pets.

We provide a safe and serene environment for pet owners and their pets to be catored to.

Our Story

Our love for animals and need for a clean and safe place to bring our dogs to get groomed in our community was the driving factor on why we opened "Wash My Dog."

What We Do
We provide positive environment for our two legged and four legged friends to be pampered in a nature like atmosphere.
Opening Hours!

Our grooming service is open  every day 9am-5pm (Except Thursdays). We also have small dog daycare Monday through Friday 7am-7pm (Reservations Only). Please call for more information.

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